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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is the assessment and treatment of the physical body and any conditions or injuries that may be preventing one from living their life to the fullest.

A physician's referral is not required to see one of our therapists and in many cases a physician's referral is not required for health benefits coverage. We assess and treat a huge variety of injuries and conditions involving all body areas.

Initial Physiotherapy Assessments are scheduled for 60 minutes, allowing your Therapist the time to complete a detailed examination and ensure that your goals are understood.  Based on the examination findings, your Therapist will work with you to create a plan of care that will help you reach your goals.  Follow-up treatment sessions are 30 minutes and are scheduled based on the treatment plan developed by Therapist and client.

Conditions Treated

  • sports injuries
  • muscle, tendon, ligament injuries
  • joint sprains
  • muscle strains
  • chronic pain
  • work related injuries (WCB)
  • motor vehicle injuries (SGI)
  • back and neck pain
  • repetitive strain injuries
  • shoulder pain
  • arthritis
  • TMJ/jaw pain
  • pelvic pain and incontinence
  • postural issues
  • pre-surgical and post-surgical rehab and education
  • fall prevention
  • whiplash

Yoga As Medicine

Medical Therapeutic Yoga

Medical Therapeutic Yoga is the practice of yoga in medicine, rehabilitation, and wellness settings by a licensed health care professional.

Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY) is an integrative approach to health and wellness.  It uses the Pentagon of Wellness, a philosophy incorporating the physical, psycho-emotional, spiritual, energetic and intellectual aspects of each individual.  Addressing these unique personal aspects, your therapist will guide you to a level of personal empowerment about your own health.

Clients seeking MTY have a full 90 minute assessment.  Here, a traditional subjective interview takes place.  The client discusses their current health issues from which they are seeking relief.  Other information such as previous health status, diet and activity tendencies, methods of stress management is also gathered.  A full physical therapy biomechanical exam is then completed, which reveals the body structures that are in need of change or support.  This information sharing and gathering is paramount in development of an individualized treatment plan.

Follow up MTY appointments are 60 minutes long.  With the information gathered from the initial assessment driving the session, the Therapist and her client move through an appropriate series of breath work, postures and poses.  While yoga as medicine is the mainstay, Linda doesn't hesitate to use biomechanical treatment techniques and modalities as necessary.

The Professional Yoga Therapy Institute (PYTI) program was founded by American Physical Therapist, Athletic Therapist, Pilates Instructor and Yoga Teacher, Ginger Garner.  Since inception, Ginger has trained exclusively licensed healthcare professionals in the art and science of MTY,  the only yoga therapy teacher training with such strict entrance guidelines.

Module 8  of Ginger Garner's Medical Therapeutic Yoga course will come to Canada for the first time in October, 2017. As a graduate from the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute program and credentialed as a Professional Yoga Therapist, Linda Boryski was chosen to be the teaching assistant for Shelly Prosko when this course is presented in Saskatoon later this year.