The Year in Review



Wrapping up 2017 – time flew by this year again.  2017 brought many rewards, challenges, and of course growth opportunities.  If you ever wish to force yourself into a learning environment, just start a business! I do give some of my foundation to having grown up in a family who owned and operated a small business.  I didn’t realize how much of the entrepreneurial instinct I had and I have my mom and dad to thank for that.  However, they ran their business from about 1965-1990.  A few things have changed since my high school days of helping out at Boryski’s Jewellers in Yorkton.  I do wish I had my dad around to bounce business ideas off of, he would have been great at that.  But that isn’t an option so I’ve turned to mentors and Amazon.  In 2016 I owned (and actually read) ONE book on business.  At last count, I am upwards of 24 books on business, leadership, finance, Facebook, marketing, metrics, customer service and many more!  YIKES.  The delivery guys for Amazon and I are on first name basis =-). 

It has definitely been a year of personal and professional growth.   When I think back to my first interview with Jaret…my very first interview for an employee.  HA!  I was such a rookie!  But it was enough to keep the discussion going and he joined the SPY team in January.  Together, we’ve been able to grow the business and our community presence.  We’ve offered almost 20 free seminars about low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and of course PhysioYoga.  We’ve been given the opportunity to speak at businesses, retirement condos and other venues.  In October, I had an amazing opportunity to speak at COMPAC, Current Options for Managing Pain and Addictions.  This presentation was primarily to physicians and other health care professionals.  It’s so reassuring to see the interest in Yoga in Healthcare grow within Saskatoon as people look for and demand more alternatives to traditional health care.

Also in October, the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute came to Saskatoon, the first time in all of Canada.  Saskatoon’s own Shelly Prosko lead the 5 day course and I was honoured to be the trusty teaching assistant.  I was truly inspired to work along side Shelly again and to witness 20 health care professionals from western Canada begin their journey towards becoming a Medical Yoga Therapist.  It was this training that opened up my professional world for me.  Jaret, after 10 months of SPY’s PhysioYoga mentorship program, took the course to officially become a PYT-C.  There are presently only two fully accredited Professional Yoga Therapists in Canada, Shelly and myself.  I look forward to sharing this stage with a few more as we strive to offer a unique form of healthcare with this specialized yoga therapy training.

And just one more thing in October – it was a very busy month!  Chantale Benning joined us here at SPY.  Chantale has quickly learned many of the ropes around here and has her hands full keeping Jaret and I functioning as our caseloads continue to grow. 

And speaking of growing casesloads…  We’ve hit several all-time highs this year.  That month of October with all of our extra-curricular stuff going on was also our busiest month of all time.  We were flying around here teaching PhysioYoga classes, treating, learning, presenting and still delivering the high quality of care people have come to expect at SPY.

And now for a little breathing room.  We’ll take a few days over the holidays to rest and recharge.  Come January, things ramp up quickly with workshops and classes all beginning in the first two weeks. 

A big thank you to our loyal followers.  It’s been a pleasure serving you again this year.  Jaret and I (and Chantale is quickly learning this too) have the most fabulous people coming through our doors for physio and for PhysioYoga.  I believe Chantale said it best on her third day of work here, “Wow, you guys have really lovely people coming in here”.  Yes, we do.  It’s an easy place for me to be when I’ve surrounded myself with wonderful staff like Jaret and Chantale, and we get to work with all the people who make our SPY community so amazing. 

Many blessings to all of you in 2018.


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