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We understand how scary it feels to have pain that slows you down or stops you from doing what you enjoy. You are not alone! Many people just like you have come to us with these same fears. That’s why we take a unique approach to your care.

By blending the physical healing of Physiotherapy together with the holistic benefits of Medical Yoga Therapy, we create a more balanced path to a healthy lifestyle for you.

We find people who complete their treatment path this way enjoy more confidence to return to the activities they used to enjoy and the courage to try new things.

Linda Boryski, Physiotherapist, Medical Yoga Therapist

Linda Boryski, Physiotherapist, Medical Yoga Therapist

Prior to becoming a Physiotherapist in 1999, Linda Boryski competed at a national level in four different sports and medalled in two.  She brings that same commitment to excellence and team work to Saskatoon PhysioYoga.  Linda chose to elevate her Physiotherapy practice by completing her Professional Yoga Therapy certification, the first in Saskatchewan and one of only five in Canada.

Linda empowers independent learners, especially those who are proactive with their health and ready to go “ALL IN”. She guides them to take control of their lives, to make the changes they know they can make and live the life they desire.

Shaunda Arsenie, Physiotherapist, Functional Movement Specialist

Shaunda Arsenie, Physiotherapist, Functional Movement Specialist

Even at a very young age, Shaunda was helping people.  From age 12 to present day, Shaunda teaches Ukrainian dance, leading dancers to festivals and performances worldwide.   With her drive for continuous learning, it was natural to combine her love of dance and teaching with her desire to help others by pursuing a career in Physiotherapy.  

Shaunda brings 7 years of Physiotherapy experience to Saskatoon PhysioYoga.  With her strong teaching skills both in the treatment room and studio, Shaunda loves using SPY’s unique blend of Physiotherapy and Medical Yoga Therapy, to help her clients on a deeper level.  She is driven to bring a sense of balance to those who are keen to help themselves live a healthful and wholehearted life.