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Angela Marshall is a Certified Functional Health and Life Coach and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. Her practice of mindfulness and meditation began after she had chronic health and pain issues that she was wanting to heal. With her own healing she then become a teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with Dr. Jon Kabat Zin and expanded to other meditation practices. A firm believer in the benefits of meditation, Angela loves to teach people how to stay grounded and centered when approached with difficult or stressful situations with more patience and a clearer mind.

More about the class from Angela. . . 

Meditation -- or what I call “stillness practice” -- has brought immense benefits to my life.

Here’s what I think it can bring to anyone’s life:

  • Respond to stressors with more calm and less overwhelm.  This means that you will likely not react more to your family, partner, and whoever is in the near vicinity when you think about your to-do list!

  • Be more focused and able to work without scattered thoughts.
  • Feel rejuvenated and energized from taking time just to be and breathe. Yes, real energy (and not having to hit the caffeine just to make it through the day!)
  • Lower our stress hormone that impact our difficulty in losing weight, imbalances in our hormones and issues with our gut-brain balance. High cortisol (stress) impacts us in that difficult weight loss and muffin top that we start to get over time. If you are running from place to place and feel scattered, meditation can have amazing body balancing benefits.
  • Lower inflammation and boost immunity.
  • Deepen your practice over time, to better get perspective and sort through conflicts that arise.

Meditation is the single most powerful stress relieving tool there is.

In just six weeks, our group class will help you do less and accomplish more by giving you a self-sufficient meditation practice to take with you for life. Reducing the amount of stress in your body will help you feel better in every area of your life.